Resolutions of the Virtual Executive and General Council Meetings of the All Africa Baptist Men’s Fellowship (AABMF) held on the 11th and 13th of February, 2021

Preamble: The annual Executive and General Council meetings of the All Africa Baptist Men’s Fellowship (AABMF) were held virtually on Thursday 11th and Saturday 13th February, 2021 respectively, presided over by Dr. Dawari George, President, with Bro. Edison Chimi Yuniwo, Secretary General, co-ordinating the secretariat.

The Executive Council meeting was attended by AABMF Officers, including the President of the Men’s Department of the Baptist World Alliance, Mr. Ayo Badejo. These officers along with Presidents of Unions/Conventions, men of the Baptist family across Africa, and leaders of the All Arica Baptist Fellowship including the President of the AABF, Dr. Ernest Adu-Gamfi and General Secretary, Dr. Duro Ayanrinola attended the General Council meeting.

The meeting received the following:

  1. Presidential Address
  2. End of Tenure Report
  3. Financial Report
  4. Royal Ambassadors Report
  5. Evangelism and Missions Report
  6. Goodwill messages/Business.

Arising from the two meetings, the All Africa Baptist Men’s Fellowship resolved as follows:

  1. 2021 AABMF Congress:

Whereas October 2021 is the scheduled date for the next AABMF Congress in Yaounde, Cameroun:

Whereas, the possibility of a physical Congress has become increasingly unlikely due to the Covid-19 pandemic:

Now, therefore, be it resolved that the Council has approved that a Virtual Congress rather than a Physical Congress be held in October 2021, postponing the Yaounde Physical Congress to October 2022.

  • Evangelism and Missions:

Whereas, missions and evangelism has been the focus of Council in the last six years:

Whereas, much grounds remain to be conquered for the Lord in Africa and the expansion of the Men’s Ministry will go a long way in facilitating missions across the Continent:

Now, therefore, be it resolved that Council shall set up a task team to intensify all mission activities including the efforts at starting the Men’s ministry in some Conventions/Unions that are not yet active across the Continent of Africa.

  • State of Finance:

Whereas, Council has maintained a high sense of accountability in all its financial transactions under the watch of Mr. Lemuel Sherman as Treasurer:

Whereas, more funds will be required to execute the programmes and projects of the AABMF in the years ahead:

Now, therefore, be it resolved that Council shall intensify fund drive efforts especially in the area of individual and corporate donations while at the same time encouraging faithful contributions by Unions/Conventions on statutory remittances.

  • End of Tenure of Executive Council:

Whereas, the Executive Council led by Dr. Dawari George have successfully and meritoriously served the AABMF for six years with records of great achievements:

Whereas, their term of office has come to an end by the provisions of the AABMF Constitution:

Now, therefore, be it resolved that the Council shall formally congratulate and appreciate the outgoing leadership in its next Congress meeting in October, 2021 for their outstanding leadership and notable accomplishments in the areas of administration, meetings and programmes, missions, and Royal Ambassadors work in the Continent.

  • Nomination of New Officers:

Whereas, the nominating committee under the Chairmanship of Mr. Ayo Badejo (President, Men’s Department of the BWA) has prayerfully and painstakingly nominated new officers for the Council:

Whereas, the nominated officers have consented to their nominations and the Council has duly considered the nominees fit and proper to hold executive position in the AABMF:

Now, therefore, be it resolved that the following persons serve as the Officers of the AABMF in the first instance for a tenure of five years from 13th February, 2021:

  1. Edison Chimi Yuniwo                   – Cameroun          – President
  2. Abraham Bamfi                             – Ghana               – Vice President
  3. Philip Slaboh                                – Nigeria               – General Secretary
  4. Peter Mugabi                                 – Uganda               – Missions Officers
  5. Mr. Peter Natsa                             – Nigeria                – Treasurer
  6. Rev. Norbert Rodwell Chabata      – Zimbabwe          – Regional Coordinator

          (Council prayed for, and charged the in-coming officers to build on the           foundation laid by their predecessors to take the AABMF to greater heights.)

  • Age grade manual:

Whereas, the initiative of the General Secretary of the AABF, Rev. Dr. Duro Ayanrinola and the AABMF President, Dr. Dawari George to develop a resource material for the use in the AABF is considered a lofty idea:

Whereas, the material is expected to add value to the work of AABF:

Now, therefore, be it resolved that effort be expedited with the full support of      Council to get the resource material out before the end of the current AABF

     General Secretary’s tenure.

  • Role of Men in nation building:

Whereas, the role of men in nation building cannot be overemphasized:

Whereas, the consequence of non-participation of Christians in politics is very grave:

Now, therefore, be it resolved that Baptist men across Africa be mobilized for greater participation in politics and all civic engagements for the promotion of godly rule and advancement of society.

These resolutions are made and adopted here (virtually) this 13th day of February, 2021.­

Dr. Dawari George                                                     Mr. Yuniwo Edison Chimi
President                                                                        Secretary General

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