About Us

All Africa Baptist Men’s Fellowship (AABMF) is the Men’s arm of the All Africa Baptist Fellowship which is an umbrella body of all Baptist Conventions and Unions in Africa.


The Vision of the All Africa Baptist Men’s Fellowship is to develop man after God’s heart in the likeness of Christ.


The AABMF exists to organize and build the African Baptist men to a holistic (evangelistic, Christ-centered and people-oriented) mission of the body of Christ (the Church) through the promotion of evangelistic activities among member bodies, discipleship programs, church planting, social welfare services and leadership training.


The objectives of this Fellowship shall be:

  1. To build and encourage the African Baptist man to follow in the footsteps of Jesus Christ, who is our Leader and Example.
  2. To promote the cause of Jesus Christ all over Africa and beyond as The Lord gives opportunity.
  3. To foster the cooperation of all Baptist men in Africa for the mission and evangelization of the continent of Africa.
  4. To cooperate with other men’s organizations in mission through effective communication, networking and partnership.
  5. To support and mentor the set-up and development of the Royal Ambassadors


Membership of the Fellowship shall be opened to all Baptist Men’s Fellowships of the Unions, Assemblies and Conventions in Africa, especially those cooperating as members of the All Africa Baptist Fellowship (A.A.B.F.) and the Baptist World Alliance (B.W.A.).

Each Union/Assembly/ Convention after registration shall pay a prescribed annual due as membership subscription for the year.